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Pighes Greek stone production
Pighes White stone tiles and slabs producer
Pighes White stone tiles and slabs producer

Topalidis SA is a customer focused and quality driven, up-to-date, Marble Industry, located in the privileged area of Drama, near Pighes quarries, in Greece. The corporation has been in the stone production and exports for almost two decades, producing and exporting worldwide high quality Greek stone. Marble Pighes, especially, is supplied at competitive prices to individuals, industries & construction corporations to be used in several projects around the world.

Pighes White stones
Pighes White stones

The corporation is a capable producer, able to fulfil all your needs and reach your aspirations due to its great production capacity of all white marble Pighes selections, which are strictly selected from the best quarries. Supplies include all forms, such as blocks (squared or rough), slabs – plates (2 & 3cm thickness or more), steps, risers, splashes, special works, standard tiles & tiles cut-to-size according to your specific requirements. The most common standard dimensions in the production of Pighes white stone tiles are:
30x60x2 cm (300x600x20mm)
30,5x30,5x1 cm (305x305x10mm)
40x40x2 cm (400x400x20mm)
60x60x2 cm (600x600x20mm)
30x30x2 cm (300x300x20mm)
30,5x61x1 cm
40,6x40,6x1 cm
90x90x2 cm (900x900x20mm)
12"x12"x3/8", 12"x24"x3/8", 16"x16"x3/8", 24"x24", 36"x36"

Also, the packing of all export products is strict for safe deliveries of your orders. Specifically, slabs are packed in wooden pallets, while the stone tiles are packed in polysterene boxes which are then placed in wooden crates. The delivery is always on time. Transportation is carried out from Greece: marbles can be delivered either by sea (cargo is stuffed in 20 feet containers) or by road (loaded on trucks), while transportation by air carrier is rare and usually applies to small quantities & sizes and/or samples.

Stone production can be arranged in order the finished materials can have the desired treatment. So, the products can have various surfaces, such as unpolished, plain or book-matched (mirror) polished, tumbled, sand blasted and tiles could be also bevelled (chamferred), calibrated, etc. For more info about marble Pighes, supplies, price quotation or samples, pls note the following corporation details:

You are also invited to visit Topalidis SA Greek Marbles & Granite website in case you need more info regarding the company, or in case you are rather interested in other types of Greek stone production and supply.